Top 5 aspects architects value in a builder

Team building.


“Whether a small-scale residential renovation or a large commercial development, ‘value’ in your building team has rapidly become an almost tradable commodity,” says Mathew Dale owner of MPD Constructions Group. In a notably tricky industry, are developers, builders and designers forging a new path to find compatibility?

Is ‘value’ the new flouro in building?

After I had interviewed Megan Noble, an associate at world renowned, Australia and Dubai based architectural behemoth KannFinch, to find out more about value in your building team, I’d learned two things:

  • KannFinch had grown successful architect/builder relationships for over 50 years, establishing themselves as current leaders for this ‘value’ in construction ideal.
  • Long-standing links with property development clients echoed the KannFinch sentiment of creating projects that are true to the building’s design intent, and producing a functional piece that serves it’s purpose in an efficient way, all with sustainability in mind.

So what does this have to do with value?

Well, other than the building cornerstones of providing a clean and safety conscious construction site, when choosing a builder to work alongside KannFinch architects, Megan noted the top-prized aspects ‘valued’ during the selection process:

  1. Attention to and respect for the Architectural Design Intent.  “Being on the same page will save a builder from misrepresenting an architect’s design intent for the build” – Mat clarified. 
  2. Communication and consultation with the design team throughout the construction period
  3. Ability to understand and programme all aspects of the project identifying and allowing for long lead time procurements
  4. A well organised and well defined management structure with financial stability
  5. Commitment to thoroughly and quickly rectifying any defects arising post completion


… and Mathew agrees. “These five aspects represent a system to define ‘value’ when selecting a builder for your project. As important as the bricks and mortar used, value assures scope alignment, a low or no incident process and a successful result. This is a system that can be used within the builder selection process for large staged construction and small scale renovations alike.”

Talk about value!

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