Into the Future … Commercial Trends 2020.

Stand up, walk to your home lounge room and have a look around. Throw in a few more plants, an ergonomic paint scheme, walls on wheels and a well-disguised, turbocharged technology hub, plus an open-plan to your kitchen and backyard, and you’ve got it … the latest concept in commercial interiors for the next decade.

Ok, the process is a little more technical than rearranging the furniture, but as residential trends for 2020 forecast houses embracing closer contact with inhabitants, and the fact that some of us spend more than a third of our days working within the walls of the business asylum, the new decade’s trends outlook focuses on installing versatile, changeable spaces that allow workers the flexibility to produce solid results in ‘real-time’ all while maintaining personal principles.

The bottom-line will always be of a financial nature, but with well-being in mind, companies are improving production by way of human-centered inclusion. Of much interest to MPD Constructions Group, here is our top 5 commercial trends for the new decade:

  1. Am I inside … Am I outside?

After years of following this mantra residentially, workspaces have caught on with the  integration of exterior and interior. Open-plan sprawls from desk to deck to create a continual space through the use of similar materials. Forget plasterboard and carpet covered metal cubicles walls, wood is making a serious comeback. With Biophilic design headlining as one of the major trends for the 20’s residentially and commercially, simply bringing nature into the workplace ticks many boxes including ideologies that align with personal principles. Pro-environment, delivered by way of natural light, ventilation and recycled materials is being championed by both employee and employer, not only in the office but with restaurants, clubs and hotels closely following suit.

  1. The Smart-er Office.

Defined as every fantastical technological aspect we now employ … but smarter. Technology has changed human interaction, socially and within our minute to minute business transactions. The Smart-er office integrates current tech-trends, and forecasts to allow for the future –  preempting the allotment of space and design around the next level in Information Technology.

  1. Dynamic Spaces.

It’s the ‘cool’ term currently in the mix for the new decade. Dynamic – a space that can be adaptable to business needs in real-time. Versatile tech, moveable lighting, mobile lightweight furniture and adjustable containment, all give workers the option to transform a room in a minute’s notice, adapting to the way we do business. Previously multi-functional, the dynamic workplace now encompasses remote work locations through tech savvy avenues such as televisual conferencing communications. Work/home … home/work, the dynamic workplace can be anywhere. It’s ever-changing and as a reflection, production percentages are on the rise.

  1. Give your talent what they want – Well Being and Community integration.

With a whopping 52% of employees now enabled to work remotely (from home, local café, communal workspace, car etc) at least once a week, a virtual workplace community is needed more than ever before. We humans are social creatures by nature, our emotional well-being is buoyed by the connections around us, be it literal or technologically, therefore the advantage is to create an environment designed for maximum community integration which will in turn support optimal business solutions.

  1. Resources, recycling, reinvention.

If hipster cafés have taught us nothing, it’s that successful reinvention can occur at any time, with the right planning and design. Everything is a valuable material resource, right down to waste, and 2020 highlights us re-using it all. In the commercial landscape, material recycling within the business walls even includes what designers are putting on those very walls – from reclaimed timbers that reduce noise effect to living moss panels for oxygen production, which sounds familiar but here’s the next decade difference – reinvention also means a return to origins. This generation of workers want to know the companies they work for, they want to know these companies have mindset and principles that align with their own and they want to understand the business origins in order to organically represent the authentic branding. To go forward, go backward first.

Just as trends change over time so does the evolving vocabulary that surrounds them. 2010 singled out such terms as sustainability and multi-functional. 2020 unveils a new set of terms referring to commercial construction and building – dynamic, Biophilic and human-centric. Business pace is accelerating, as is technology and options are varied. Humans adapt to these conditions easily but to do it ‘well’ there should be a certain amount of connection to self in order to thrive. The new decade’s commercial construction innovation is fast proving that point.

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