Interior Design Trends 2020

Almost 2020 … what’s new?

Architectural and interior design trends for the new decade carry both relevant extensions to old ideas and brilliant new focus that leaps our homes forward.

Let’s not wait … here are the top 5:

  1. The Smart Home continued …

Automated houses will inevitably take over the world … so why would we stop their evolution in 2020? With integration as key, home owners look for further relatability to the web of intelligence surrounding them. Inter-connectivity, presently in it’s infancy, will be central to most homes by the decade’s end with full control over our home’s lighting, heating, sound and monitoring from where ever we are but further to this, our homes will  correspond with us regarding their maintenance, landscaping needs and inhabitants health.

  1. More than a bathroom … this space is transforming.

Bathroom’s that read blood pressure and modify sound vibrations to induce a natural state of calm are in conception, in fact your front door could have this function within the decade. The modern bathroom is already transforming. More of a ‘spa experience’, it plays heavily into our personal well being mindset to offer more than a place to shower, but to literally ‘wash away’ the stresses of the day and reinstall natural circadian rhythm.

  1. The kitchen extension.

Along the lines of the bathroom flowing further into our original living space, so stars the kitchen of the 2020’s. The kitchen has long been the place to congregate for anything from party starters to homework to actual dining. 2020 will see the kitchen evolve into the epi-center, the heart of the thriving home. Here we will find the traditional kitchen table replaced by a more relaxed eating space, a total technological hub controlling house and inhabitant monitoring, and further development to the concept that is ‘open-plan’ design.

  1. The Conscious House.

Expect a house that is ‘aware’ of it’s inhabitants and their need to connect to basic primitive origins. Biophilic design steps in, reconnecting us with the benefits of nature. Be it through incorporated interior landscape or natural light and ventilation sculpting, design of a root-stock type can increase productivity and health in an environment built ‘around’ the people that live within it.

  1. Together, at last.

Layering of old and new – similar to the idea of wearing your favourite Target t-shirt with the latest Armani suit, your house structure should be the pages and your furniture the words, telling the tale of who you are. Old classics are new again in a contempo setting … and yes, there is always a place for your grandmother’s upright, even if it is flanked by the latest living walls. Place it all together to tell us who you are.

With sustainability being so ‘last decade’, home owners are turning their sights toward a new type of home rehabilitation – a healing, if you would, of old ideals. No longer are we concerned with our property merely reaching and maintaining a certain level of complete sustainability, this is a given in the next decade’s construction processes. With new ideas and innovations tucked under our elbows, we head toward a common goal – the conscious home with a beating heart.

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