Indoor gardening trends for the new decade

Indoor gardening trend for the new decade


2020 … looking greener

The goal to be pro-environmental as a human is a no-brainer, and we appear to be slowly greening our concrete tech jungle – outside and in. Being time poor but trend savvy and highly connected, we should think ourselves lucky to be surrounded by a considerable amount of accessible ‘green’  information.

Let’s take a look at 2020’s indoor gardening trends: 

1.Taking the next leap

Vertical gardens have been the hot-thing for a few years now, so where do they go from here? Into moss, that’s right, moss walls are beneficial not only from a physiological perspective – absorbs noise and pollutants, but also from aesthetic Biophilic design – nature inside to promote mindfulness and wellbeing. Moss is in a state of suspense, not truly alive nor dead but preserved, means less installation cost, no technical or constant maintenance and a choice of colour and form.

Kasey Riley from Fat Plant Society has some startling facts about ‘living’ versus moss vertical gardens – well worth the click through to read here: 

2. Tech Help for your house plants

As previously noted, we have access to numerous beneficial tips and tricks regarding our leafy friends through the magic of the internet. Whether a practical app, electronically altering atmosphere or complete monitored growing system, welcoming and adapting technology to help maintain our indoor plants is an accelerating future path. details how we can get our hands on the robotic planter that moves your precious around according to it’s climatic needs … and you have just got to see it dance when it wants water! 

Vincross Hexa robotic planter

3. Fun Focal Points

For so long indoor plants have hidden away in room corners, sat plump on coffee table books and hung decoratively from well-positioned hooks and skirted door frames or shelves. Monstera, Spathiphyllum and Epipremnum … take your charge, now is your time in the muted indoor light.

Or, perhaps we could try a new take on plant positioning: 

  • For a cheeky turn on Western-industrial interior decorating, try mounting a Staghorn over the fireplace. Although not suitable during Winter ( … duh!) or for extended periods if in low light, this grandiose fern readily demands conversation.
  • Creating a ‘cuttings wall’ delivers many benefits: stunning impact as wall art, a handy opportunity to collect cuttings and care for them indoors, and the extra indoor pollution filtration. Baltimore resident Hilton Carter’s Instagram account currently features some inspirational images of his talent with said propagating walls and a plethora of richly coloured and faultlessly designed green eye candy.

FYI … here are a selection of ‘plantfluencers’ from the Australian social media pool. Great ideas, stunning images and solid content. Don’t be shy, come out from behind your curtain of Devil’s Ivy and take a peek at these accounts.

Plant jungle – just everything plants, really well executed.

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