Builder and Architect – is it more than a marriage of convenience?

Let’s start here … 

You’ve dreamt of the day. You’ve scrimped and saved your pennies, hiding them away from holidays and other desires. You’ve visualized the new bathroom that all of this hard work will result in, and the tub in which you’ll while away the hours, soaking and day-dreaming of the next step in your property’s evolution …

… we’d like to help you get it right from the beginning of the process.

With over 20 years experience, Mat from MPD Constructions Group, has already finished your dream build and is onto the dreams of his next client. 


It’s all in the ‘marriage’ and exactly why Sydney architects trust Mat and MPD with their clients. 

Mat believes that bringing architect and builder together in the early stages of the planning phase will produce a more fluid process with less issues that result in costing you more. An architect will design what you ‘want’ and a builder will help make it financially viable. Both working for you, collaborating, and negotiating their way around plans and costs … before you begin.

 It makes sense, don’t you think?

And, with the core values of the company reflected in their day to day dealings, and the testimonials of prior projects, MPD are an appealing choice for any architect looking for ethical professionals. 

You want to make the right choice, right?

Due diligence is required when choosing a solid partner in any situation, and MPD are open and up-front. Years of partnerships have brought Mat to understand three golden rules of a strong ‘marriage’ between architect and builder:

  1. Communication.

Being the top noted priority for both builders and architects, communication needs complete transparency. It’s fundamental to the ‘marriage’ … gets the job done. Partners need to be approachable and up-front, building their client’s trust together. MPD have built their reputation through personalized service … this is Mat’s passion, his experience as a ‘hands on’ builder promotes communication, he’s there every step of the build with an open ear to both architect and client, making the experience flow.

  1. Honesty.

And what’s the point of communication if it’s not honest?

At the heart of MPD are solid core values … transparency, ethics and respect. A 

company built on this code, MPD are renowned for their attention to detail, high quality and seamless execution. Renowned, not only the result but the process MPD use to get your build to where it needs to be.

  1. Action.

With the constant buzz of communication looping back and forth between builder and architect, ‘action’ is often over-looked. Here MPD thrive. Mat cuts through guidelines, highlights necessity and delivers top quality work. He understands the costs associated with delays,  and doesn’t want to heap you with unwanted expense. 

So when it’s time to turn that dream into a reality, it’s priceless to know you’re in good hands with MPD Constructions Group. We could term the builder/architect relationship a ‘marriage of convenience’ but that simply wouldn’t be true … it’s so much more and the beneficiary of such a construction ‘marriage’ – be it residential or commercial – is you, the client … and your needs are what MPD Constructions Group is all about. 

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